Travels in Pregnancy

Life is a journey. The journey from Point A to Point B, but within the overall journey of life, we embark on many journeys. School, career, friendships, family. We are constantly traveling on some kind of journey, and the many stops, detours, and unexpected turns along the way help define who we are. Every single person in the world is on their own journey, and sometimes that journey involves many other people, but other times, that journey is something personal, a journey we don’t feel comfortable sharing with others.

That was how I initially felt about the current journey Jarrett and I are on together. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it with the world. I wasn’t sure I wanted to let people into this part of our life but then I realized that what makes this world so amazing is the people that are in it. I realized that even as scary as it can be, I want to share our journey with others…

So we added this section on our blog called “Travels in Pregnancy,” where you will find “chapters” of own journey from the past 8 months, a journey that has been most incredible, indescribable, and simply miraculous. The words are the truths we have experienced through pregnancy, with the many twists, turns, ups and downs any journey has. It’s a scary thing for us to do, to share so much with so many, but we only hope for more positivity in our life as we reveal a deeper side of our own “Travels.”

And we wish you the best of luck on whatever journey you are on.